Shore House Lake Tahoe

Vince and Stephanie Dove

Wedding Photos - Married at 2:00pm on September 17, 2011

Stephanie and the Girls, before the Ceremony begins.

Vince, Before the Ceremony Begins

Here comes the Bride!

Stephanie's Mom did the honors.

The Ceremony Begins

The I Do's

The Vows

Blessing the Rings

Vince places the Ring on Stephanie's finger

Stephanie places the Ring on Vince's finger

The Indian Blessing

Stephanie drinks the wine

Vince drinks the wine

Vince Breaks the wine glass to signify that the sharing of the wine is for he and Stephanie alone and no one else.

The Kiss!

No need for further explanation.

Vince and Stephanie with Minister Marty.

The whole group!

The Toast.......

Married at last!