Shore House Lake Tahoe


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Honeymoon Cottage

The Honeymoon Cottage is a separate cabin at our waterfront.

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Pine Room

The Pine Room, on our ground floor, is one of our largest rooms.

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Opa's Room

Opa's Room, on our upper floor is one of our larger rooms.

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Tree House

Enter the Tree House on our upper floor between the trunks of two towering Ponderosa Pines.

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Art Studio

The Art Studio offers a queen size log bed and gas log fireplace. This room is handycap accessible.

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Moon Room

The Moon Room, on the ground floor, is our largest room with a king size log bed.

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Forest Room

Imagine the deep green carpet as wild grass beneath your feet, and the light pine walls as sun filtering through pine trees.

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Terrace Room

The Terrace Room leads out to our upper terrace through ceiling to floor sliding glass doors.

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Lakeview Room

Lie in the queen size log bed and look out the ceiling to floor sliding glass doors to a gorgeous view.

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